Thursday, October 13, 2011

On the air!

Here I am age 17, this photo was taken just before I got my licence!

I received my licence documents through the post 40 years ago today!

Now I remember this well, I came home from work at teatime while working at Telefusion Ltd. When I came in the letter was waiting, at the same time along come George G3ZQS (in his slippers) As I opened the envelope, George said "Come on...what is the callsign then?" "G4AQB" I replied...."Oooh...A Queer Bugger eh!!" said George with his usual razer sharp wit!

After George had gone I rang up Neil G3ZPL to tell him that I had my callsign! I then called Neil on 160m so that he could be my first (legal) contact.

Here is a section of the very first page in my logbook back in 1971.

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