Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You know it makes sense...

Now i'm not a political type person, but this guy has got wrong!
Since coming to power schools and education are in a digital turmoil... progress has come to a grinding halt, creativity put on hold and support services pulled out the plug!
Are this lot afraid of technology?
Do they want children to return to the dark ages?
Its not about cuts, its about attitude, I don't thing the government understands (or doesn't care) how far technology has advanced in the last 13 years and how much work has gone into bringing it into schools for children to harness. BECTA, QCA, QCDA had a wealth of stuff on-line to access, teachers needed what have the government done...shut it all ridiculous is that! I think these guys need to grow up... just cos' we didn't think of it, let's shut it down... seems to be the attitude!

Come on David...get in the real world!

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