Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Name that DJ!

How about this for memories of Radio 1! All the DJ's back in the 1960s and 70s!
Let me try to name them:
Back Row: I can see Tommy Vance and Paul Gamboginni,
Middle Row: Tony Blackburn, Annie Nightingale, Andy Peebles, Steve Wright, Noel Edmunds, Jimmy Saville.
Front Row: Paul Burnett, David Jenson, Mike Reid, Dave Lee Travis, Simon Bates , John Peel.
(but where is Alan Freeman?)
These days a lot of the DJ's on Radio 1 are from around here, Mark Radcliffe, Sarah Cox, Vernon Kay. My mate Steve Kay (brother of Vernon) works with me at school and appears on Vernon's show on Saturday morning with the Maths Problem. I have spoken with John Peel at B.I.T. back in the 70's and also DLT at Rivington Barn at a great do!
Trouble is that Radio 1 is not what it was and some of the original DJ's are now on Radio 2 and other commercial stations. John Peel, Tommy Vance and Alan Freeman are no more, but Johnny Walker and Bob Harris are still around on Radio 2 along with Steve Wright and Paul Gambougini.

This year I launched a project to produce our own school Radio Station with some professional input. Steve Kay (Vernon's brother) has taken up this project and it looks good! We already have a Radio Station (not quite Radio 1) but some thing unheard of back in the 70's!
Have a look at this:
We have come such a long way with digital technology, it is now possible for anyone to have their own on-line Radio Station and be a DJ as well!

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