Friday, October 03, 2008

Clare May Ball

Here is Neil (G3ZPL) spinning the discs at the May Ball at Clare College, Cambridge!

(Anybody remember RECORDS?)

That was an amazing night, I even got chance to play the records myself and enjoy my first attempt at being a DJ! I'm still trying to read the year on the balloon to determine when it happened. I think it was 1976 because I was in Cambridge for a week on my own as Kath was working and couldn't come.

St. Edmund Ale, Abbott Ale, Greene King...can I say more?

It was an amazing, sunny and plenty of cocktail parties at all hours of the day. We did the disco for the May Ball in the JCR (Junior Common Room) at Claire College, a bit like a crypt underneath the college. Neils equipment was state of the art, he built all himself...complete with flashing lights and special effects on the sound (phasor) SP25 decks, sliders and superb sound quality!

I need to go back to Cambridge again ... so many memories!

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