Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Did I really look like that?

This photo was taken by Barry G3WIS back in 1973 (I think!) Nothing digital can be seen here at all!
In the centre is my faithful Halicrafters SX24 receiver with one of my first attempts at a 2m convertor, my multimeter to the left and external (large) S Meter attached to the receiver. Next to the SX24 on the right is the re-built Topband Transmitter with a vernier dial. To the left of the SX24 is a Crystal Controlled Calibrator and an old Cossor Oscilloscope bought from a 'junk sale'. On top of the shelf is my first 2m transmitter with a QQV03-10 valve which I later re-built.
The Tilley Lamp was in the corner, but you can't see it!

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