Sunday, January 28, 2007

Melissa...Digital Native!

Here she Melissa...or 'M' as in James Bond!

This kid is a true Digital Native, button pressing and screens are her life. This kid can use a Sony Mobile Phone/Camera and send (blank) texts to numerous people on her Mums contacts list. She can shout 'Cheese!' in the Pub and take high quality photos of other people eating next to us. This kid can play computer games and loves 'Mouseclub'.
During visit to PC World she managed to switch off the computer that controlled the displays of all the widescreen HD televisions sending half the store into darkness!
This is the kid who tells me that I must turn off the NTL box before I can play her favourite DVD so that no intereference is on screen!

A true Digital Native 'M'...what will the future hold for you Melissa?

By the way....Melissa is just two years old....scary!!!

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